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Kids Standard Publication is a monthly kid’s newspaper that is written for children by children.

This is a great creative outlet for children wanting to expand their minds and share their skills with other children.

Kids standard Publication is a nonprofit corporation in New York state and Michigan.

The first few issues we printed for children of Central New York were a big hit with children. It even became a success with teachers and parents alike. This great response had the staff at our nonprofit organization completely overjoyed and we hope that you’ll share in our excitement as we bring our Kid’s newspaper to all of the creative minds in Central New York and Michigan.


Our mission is to create a community that encourages you to read, and empowers you to write articles, stories, poems, then showcase your designs and drawings.  We are creating a platform for you to be in print.  We are hopeful that your parents, teachers, mentors, and other professionals will be an integral part of this mission.  We want this sharing to be as much fun for you as it is educational.

Locations: Central New York & Michigan

Publisher: Maggie Razdar

Michigan: 248-481-7127

CNY: 315-699-5884

Please submit any material by email to 

By submitting your work, you get a chance to enter to our Sweepstake drawing at the end of each year. Prizes will include laptop, Xbox, iPod,  2 tickets Darien Lake or Disney World®.

If we choose your story to be the cover story, then you will win a prize (Gift certificate or T- shirt) for the month it is published.


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Categories that kids can submit are as follow:

Special Story

Kids Corner

Music, Art, Sports & Games

Book Review

Puzzles & Comics

Science, Technology, Quizzes

School, SPCA, Museums & Play

Biography, Art and Poetry

Educators, Scientists, or Doctors

Point-of-view on daily current events, go green

History, Geography, “What is your IQ?”

Parents Corner & Events