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 Why is studying history important?

Darian R (9th grade)                                                                                             


History should be studied for several reasons.  First off, history helps us to understand other cultures.  With this knowledge of history you can be able to analyze other cultures.  Another reason to study history is because it helps us to understand change. Change comes every day, and without history one doesn’t have anything to prepare them self for it. Lastly, an understanding history is essential for good citizenship.

            Understanding cultures can be difficult unless you look back at history. To figure out another culture the best idea is to look at the area’s history. For example: If I wanted to know about Mexico’s culture I would research the county’s early history. I would see that the Spanish had conquered the Aztec Empire, and had established settlements in the area. Based on that observation I could come to the conclusion that Mexico’s culture is much like Spain’s. Knowledge of history is also important to recognizing a person’s own culture, which is fundamental for good citizenship.  By studying parts of your country’s history, such as government, you would become familiar with national, state, and local laws.  For this reason, I think, American students are told to study history. 

            It is said that history repeats itself; studying history will teach you how to grasp and overcome change.  When you encounter a bump in your life what do you do?!  What’s smart to do is look back at the past.  You may be able to see how you or someone you know or heard of has gotten through change.  You may use that as an example for your own life.  In addition, history can explain change on a larger scale. For instance, if someone wanted to know why this major rescission occurred, they could research and find the pattern for economic downturns.  This may be able to help them understand the trouble that we face today.

            As you now see history isn’t just a class, history can teach you about so many things. Studying history assists you through change which is happening every day, all around you. It also opens your eyes to other cultures of the world. Furthermore, knowledge of history is vital for good citizenship. This is why, I think, studying history is important. J

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